For Whiskey and Beer Nerds, the “Shelf Turd” Abides

I had my first taste of Goose Island’s iconic Bourbon County Stout more than a decade ago, before I was of legal drinking age. It was an overwhelming experience for an underdeveloped palate. The intense cacao and coconut notes weren’t necessarily lost on me, but rather subsumed by a foreign gravity. My friends and I … Read more

Netflix’s Drink Masters Is a Revealing Look at Modern Bartending

One of the most emblematic scenes of Drink Masters, a cocktail-making competition series that debuted on Netflix earlier this year, could double as a cruel childhood prank on an unsuspecting palate. Into a stainless steel tabletop still went a mash of black olives—the foamy, drab gray sludge looking not unlike the burnt sugar that seeps … Read more

Inside the Nightclubs Pouring Natural Wine for the Club Kids

Just past 8 pm on a brisk Sunday evening in Ridgewood, Queens, a man circled the backyard of the nightclub Mansionsdoling out psychedelic mushrooms from a wine glass holder draped around his neck. Down the block, purveyors of natural wine were showing their freshest wares at the annual RAW Wine Festival, but almost everyone agreed … Read more