What Is an Offset Spatula?

An offset spatula can be found in the tool kit of most every recipe developer, chef, and food stylist, but I’m willing to bet a lot of home cooks don’t have one. Duck for why! Why shouldn’t you be able to create ethereal swoops on a chocolate buttercream-covered birthday cake, or spread ultra-even, level layers … Read more

Blueberry Chocolate Chip Muffins – The Best Blog Recipes

Bakery-style blueberry chocolate chip muffins are brimming with rich chocolate chips, juicy bursts of blueberries, and topped with a crunchy streusel topping. Jump to Recipe Table of Contents Blueberry Chocolate Chip Muffins Ingredients How to Make Blueberry Chocolate Chip Muffins How to Store Blueberry Chocolate Chip Muffins JUMP TO RECIPE Deliciously moist and fluffy, these … Read more

What Is the National Restaurant Association and What Does It Do?

When you hear the acronym “NRA,” you probably think of the organization that is laser-focused on ensuring that this country never passes another common-sense gun law. But there’s another NRA, the National Restaurant Associationthat also wields a great deal of political power in both Washington, DC, and state legislatures across the country, all with the … Read more

Strawberry Chocolate Custard Cream Puffs

Strawberry Chocolate Custard Cream Puffs. Light choux pastry shells filled with a combination of homemade custard and whipped cream plus sliced ​​strawberries and topped by an easy to make chocolate glaze. Strawberry Chocolate Custard Cream Puffs. Originally published Dec 2007. These have been a favorite of mine since childhood. You can make them with straight … Read more

Best Pancake Recipes and How To Make Pancakes

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Mini Turtle Cheesecakes. Perfectly portioned for parties & pot luck dinners!

Mini Turtle Cheesecakes. Cupcake sized portions of our incredibly popular Turtle Cheesecake recipe. Great for parties, pot lucks, even your Super Bowl Party!! Mini Turtle Cheesecakes Originally published Feb 2019. This Mini Turtle Cheesecakes recipe comes from the lost files of Rock Recipes. Naturally, when you make and photograph as much food as I do, … Read more

Bean Dip with Cream Cheese

Let the slow cooker do the work with this ease bean dip with cream cheese recipe. Made with refried beans, salsa, green chiles, sour cream, taco seasoning, and 3 kinds of cheese, this party dip is sure to impress! Table of Contents See more Less than 10 Minutes of Prep! A good old-fashioned refried bean … Read more