I Made A Sourdough Discard Flax Egg Because Why Not?

You may have replaced an egg with a flax egg but have you tried a sourdough discard flax egg?

Over the years, I have made several attempts to add sourdough starter or discard cookies, always with mediocre results. Then I wondered if I could sneak a bit of discard into a recipe via a sourdough discard flax egg. It worked and I’m so excited. One more use for discard! Plus cookies!

First things first. How to make a simple flax egg

A flax egg makes an excellent egg replacer in cookies. It will not work in cakes or, unsurprisingly, soufflés or omelets. I have not had blog-worthy results in quick breads. But for many cookie recipes, I actually reach for flax eggs first. Sometimes when people taste a recipe you’ve tweaked—”Try this! I omitted all the sugar!”—they can tell. No one I’ve fed cookies to with flax eggs in them can.

If you haven’t tried baking with a flax egg, to make one, combine 1 tablespoon of ground golden or brown flaxseed meal with 2½ tablespoons of water. As the egg replacer sits for 10 or 15 minutes, it coagulates into a gelatinous consistency that helps bind ingredients.

While the flax egg coagulates, measure the other ingredients, prepare a baking sheet (if necessary), preheat the oven and so on. By the time the flax egg has reached the proper consistency, you’ll have reached (or nearly reached) the step at which the recipe instructs you to mix in the egg. You’ll mix in your egg replacer.

Egg inflation

Even if you aren’t vegan, you’ve no doubt run out of eggs in the middle of baking cookies and have searched for a replacement. Or perhaps the store has run out of eggs! Or maybe you just like saving money. The price of eggs increased by 49 percent in the US in 2022. If you can find any.

Low stock of eggs at the grocery store (January 2023)

Keep a bit of flaxseed meal on hand (or flaxseeds if you have a grinder) and you can bake all the cookies you want.

35 ranger cookies with oats and raisins are arranged on a silver cooling rack that sits on a wooden board
Rank cookies made with a flax egg

Sourdough discard flax egg

Flax meal eggs are not new. If you search online, dozens of recipes for them and articles about them will pop up. But sourdough discards flax eggs? Because discard contains only flour and water, I wondered if I could make a sourdough discard flax egg with it, swap that for the egg in a cookie recipe and compensate for the flour present in the discard by reducing the flour called for in the original cookie recipe. Turns out, I can!

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