Crockpot Candy – Boulder Locavore®

Crockpot Candy is the easiest candy you’ll ever make! Mounds of chocolate, nuts and caramel perfect to add to holiday cookie trays. Everything cooks together on low heat in just a few hours. Super easy recipe perfect for the holiday season! Only four simple ingredients needed.

crock pot candy on cutting board with ingredients.

Move over Divinity and Rum Balls, there’s an EASY candy recipe in town! No candy thermometer or fussy steps required. It’s often called Crockpot Christmas Candy because it’s easy to decorate with holiday sprinkles but it’s great any time of the year.

With zero minutes of prep time it’s easy to make a big batch of this easy slow cooker candy recipe at a time. And who doesn’t love homemade candy?!

Chocolate peanut clusters with pecans and caramel are delicious sweet treats to share in cellophane bags or cute tins for gifts or for a holiday party. It’s a low effort delicious treat to add to your holiday baking list!

We think once you make this crockpot candy recipe it will become part of your (easy) holiday traditions!