Best Teapots To Buy 2023

Best teapot to buy at a glance

  • Best budget teapot: John Lewis Anyday Teapot, £10
  • Best classic teapot: M&S Hampton fine china teapot, £25
  • Best personalized teapot: Emma Bridgewater hearts teapot, from £46
  • Best stoneware teapot: Le Creuset stoneware teapot, £58
  • Best modern teapot and cups set: ZENS Japanese tea pot set, £55.99
  • Best blowout teapot: Marimekko unikko teapot, £89
  • Best enamel teapot: Falcon enamel teapot, £19.32
  • Best teapot for loose leaf teas: Pimlico glass teapot, £30
  • Best colorful teapot: Forlife blunt teapot, £30.50
  • Best Japanese-style teapot: Suisen blue Japanese teapot, £37.50

Best teapots to buy 2023

John Lewis Anyday fine china teapot

Best budget teapot

If you prefer not to splash a lot of cash on a teapot, you can’t go wrong with this simple John Lewis offering. For just £10, this classic china teapot has a generous 1.1 liter capacity and is dishwasher safe. An easy, bargain option you don’t have to worry about breaking.

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