Best Pancake and Crepe Frying Pans to buy 2023

A good recipe only goes half way to making a good pancake… a decent pan is equally important. Without one you may never produce a thin, lacy, perfect pancake.

What you’re looking for is a pan that doesn’t have any hot spots, is non-stick and is a reasonable size. We have tested a selection of pancake pans to bring you the best to suit your pancake needs, from classic crepe pans to pans imprinted with fun quirky templates. Your Pancake Day game will be seriously improved! Once you’ve got your pan, discover our 22 easy pancake recipes to make with your new pan!

Best pancake pans to buy at a glance

  • Best mini frying pan: GreenPan mini frying pan, £14.99
  • Best classic pancake pan: Eaziglide 25cm non-stick frying pan, £35
  • Best fun pancake pan: Tefal sausage dog pancake pan, £20
  • Best novelty pancake pan: Smiley Faces Pancake Pan, £23.90
  • Best pancake pan for induction hobs: MasterClass Eco Induction Pan, £14.98
  • Best budget pancake pan: Colourworks non-stick crepe pan, £13.99
  • Best small budget pancake pan: Vogue Black Iron Crêpe Pan, £15.20
  • Best French pancake pan: De Buyer blue steel crêpe pan, £28.30
  • Best investment pancake pan: Scanpan’s Titanium Classic Omelette/Crêpe pan, £69
  • Best stylish pancake pan: Staub Pancake Pan, £75.96

Best pancake pans to buy 2023

GreenPan Mini Frying Pan

Frying pan with green curved handle

Best mini frying pan

The GreenPan frying pan has a Thermalon ceramic coating that is non-stick and can be heated to very high temperatures. It conducts heat well (so no hot spots) and, if you like to flip your pancakes, the sloped edge will help do just that (20cm, 24cm and 28cm sizes are available).

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