Best Moka Pots and Stove Top Coffee Makers 2023

Best moka pots and stovetop coffee makers at a glance

  • Best moka pot for strong coffee: Bodum Chambord, £54
  • Best small moka pot: Bialette New Moka induction stove top, £44
  • Best lightweight model: VonShef 6 cup/300ml Italian espresso coffee maker, £16.99
  • Best sturdy model: Bialetti Moka espresso caffettiera, £24
  • Best portable moka pot: Bialetti 06969 Venus stovetop espresso coffee maker, from £24
  • Best moka pot designs: Stelton Collar espresso maker, £87.99
  • Best advanced machine: 9barista stovetop espresso maker, £325

What are the benefits of using a stovetop coffee maker?

Everyone has a stovetop of some kind, so a coffee maker can become an essential part of kitchenware for the coffee lover. It’s especially perfect if you want a short, strong coffee. Most moka pots aren’t too heavy, so they can be stored easily or even taken away on holiday.

It’s a fast, efficient method that produces strong-tasting coffee and is eco-friendly in the sense that you don’t need messy filter papers, so it produces minimal waste. It’s the closest mouthfeel and strength to espresso you can get without having a machine. The coffee is usually not as intense as an espresso made in a machine; however, there is a product in our list that rivals even that.

What factors should be considered when buying a moka pot?

When you’re looking for a stovetop coffee maker, you want to consider:

  1. The quality of materials (usually aluminum or stainless steel)
  2. The volume (are you making coffee for one or more people?)
  3. How often will you use it
  4. Is it compatible with gas or induction?
  5. Design or aesthetics

The best moka pots and stovetop coffee makers to buy in 2023

Bodum Chambord 6oz/180ml

Bodum Chambord 6oz Moke

Best moka pot for strong coffee

At first glance, this looks very similar to the classic Bodum cafetieres: tall and narrow, with the quintessential round knob on the flip lid. It’s made of shiny stainless steel and has a minimalist, smooth design with a wide handle, so there’s no chance of touching any hot metal of the hob element.

It feels nicely evenly weighted (at around 662g). This particular model makes about 177ml, and is usable on any stovetop: ceramic, electric, gas and induction. This makes it very versatile, and it makes a strong cup.

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Available from:
Bodum (£54)
Amazon (£34.45)

Bialetti New Moka induction stovetop (150ml)

Bialetti New Moka Induction stovetop

Best small moka pot

Bialetti moka pots are probably the most well-known because of their quality. This little moka pot is small and compact. There’s something about the traditional shape that is nostalgic and classic.

The upper part of this moka pot is made of aluminum alloy and has a stylish outer black coat, while the base is made of steel (with outer part suitable for induction hobs). The handle has a gripped texture made of thermoplastic material. Surprisingly, this is also suitable for any type of stovetop. The basket/funnel is wide for easy filling, and various colors are also available.

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