Best Gooseneck Kettles To Buy 2023

Best gooseneck kettles at a glance

The best gooseneck kettles to buy 2023

Bodum Bistro gooseneck water kettle 1-litre

Gooseneck water kettle against a white backdrop

Best all round kettle

This a really good general purpose kettle. It’s elegant and modern. The gooseneck spout is long, but doesn’t take up too much space because it’s more vertical than wide, which is handy for storing. It isn’t temperature controlled, so it’s just one simple flip of the switch to turn it on. The handle has an ergonomic thumb rest.

You can use this kettle for regular hot drinks, manual pour-over coffees or an aeropress. This is a good option if you are a beginner. Just wait until it comes to the boil and it will automatically switch off. Leave it for a minute and the temperature should drop approximately to the optimum level for your coffee (between 94-96C).

Available from:
Bodum (£57.95)
Amazon (£57.86)

Melitta gooseneck kettle

Melitta Gooseneck Kettle

Best value for money gooseneck kettle

This is probably the best value for money for an entry level gooseneck kettle. It’s compatible on any stovetop and very hardy – I’ve taken it away on many trips. I went without a regular kettle for a while and only used this gooseneck kettle on my gas stovetop and it was great. It has a nice angled handle with grooves for your fingers and pours smoothly. One downside is that after multiple uses, the flames from a gas stove can mark the outside of the kettle. It’s so affordable, if you are wanting to try a gooseneck out, this is definitely a good option to look at.

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