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Looking for more healthy recipes? We have plenty of ideas for delicious and nutritious meals. Try our recipes below, then check out our healthy dinner ideas and our anti-inflammatory recipes.

We all have a favorite meal, but sometimes we want them to be a little healthier, whether that is to reduce calories, keep an eye on saturated fats or limit certain carbs. With some easy swaps you can still indulge in your favorites while getting additional health benefits such as more fiber and vegetables, as well as extra vitamins and minerals.

We’ve also got plenty more healthy recipes to inspire you, including these healthy mince recipes, healthy prawn recipes, healthy fish recipes and healthy salmon recipes. For summer inspiration, check out our healthy summer recipes.

15 healthy swaps to try

1. Swap bacon for eggplant

Vegan kale caesar salad with eggplant ‘bacon’

Swap bacon for crunchy, paprika-smoked aubergine slices in our super tasty vegan riff on a classic caesar salad.

Vegan Kale Caesar Salad Recipe with Eggplant Bacon

2. Swap spaghetti for zucchini

Zucchini with pesto and balsamic tomatoes

Swap spaghetti for courgette with our easy ‘courgetti’ recipe, loaded with baby plum tomatoes, fragrant garlic, vegetarian pesto, toasted pine nuts and lots of courgette noodles.

Zucchini Recipe with Pesto and Tomatoes

3. Swap noodles for zucchini

Courgette healthy pad Thai

Swap noodles for courgette in our light, vibrant 20-minute version of this Thai classic that packs in prawns, mooli, beansprouts and plenty of spiralled courgette to help you on your way to five a day.

Frying pan full of healthy Pad Thai with prawns

4. Swap linguine for sweet potato

Sweet potato linguine with vegan puy lentil ragù

Swap linguine for bright and colorful sweet potato noodles. Topped with a warming, vegan, Bolognese-style ragù, this gluten-free main is perfect all year round.

Sweet potato linguine with puy lentil ragù

5. Swap white pasta for beetroot tagliatelle

Khorasan beetroot tagliatelle with flower sprouts, garlic and cream

Swap standard white pasta for the prettiest beetroot tagliatelle then add kalettes, toasted walnuts and a homemade sauce to wow your family and friends with this show-stopping dish.

Beetroot Tagliatelle With Kalettes, Garlic And Cream Recipe

6. Swap eggs for tofu

Californian tofu scramble

Swap eggs for deliciously smoked tofu in this filling vegan recipe that’s packed with flavor from the punchy chilli and pan-fried courgette – it’s ideal for lazy weekend brunching.

Californian tofu scramble

7. Swap rice for cauliflower

Cauliflower rice with eggplant ragout

Swap traditional rice for this brilliant cauliflower version that’s easy to make, quick to cook and filling – pair it with aubergine ragout for a perfect, veggie-heavy soup.

Cauliflower rice with aubergine ragout

8. Swap rice for barley

Pea, courgette and artichoke barley risotto

Swap risotto rice for nutty barley and create a light, summery dish filled to the brim with green veggies like peas, courgettes and artichokes.

Zucchini and Pea Risotto Recipe with Artichoke

9. Swap rice for spelled

Spelled risotto with pancetta and peas

Swap arborio rice for pearled spelled and add crispy pancetta and sweet peas to create a beautifully comforting bowl to warm you up on a cold night.

Spelled Risotto Recipe with Pancetta and Peas

10. Swap rice for farro

Leek and farro risotto with toasted hazelnuts

Swap rice for farro in this creamy risotto recipe that’s bursting with flavor thanks to the sweet, soft leeks and golden, toasted hazelnuts that are tumbled through it.

leek and farro risotto

11. Swap minced meat for lentils

Spicy lentil burgers

Swap minced meat for spicy lentils and whip up these punchy patties in just 30 minutes for the ultimate plant-based summer BBQ.

Vegan Lentil Burgers Recipe

12. Swap potato for courgette

Zucchini fritti

Swap potato for courgette and become obsessed with this deliciously healthy alternative to chips, excellent with steak or eaten by the handful as the perfect nibble with drinks!

Zucchini Fritters Recipe

13. Swap noodles for beetroot

Tofu steak with beetroot noodles and dukkah

Swap egg noodles for beetroot to bring vibrancy, color and texture to your plate. Topped with grilled tofu and a beautifully spiced and nutty dukkah, this is a great vegetarian meal for one, ready in half an hour.

Tofu Steak with Beetroot Noodles Recipe

14. Swap wraps for lettuce

Chicken lettuce wraps

Swap white floury wraps for fresh crisp lettuce and allow all the flavors inspired by Asia to shine in this simple summer favourite. It’s a perfect lunch for hot lazy days.

Asian lettuce wraps

15. Swap potatoes for kale

Kale crisps

Swap potato for kale and get ready to bulk bake this fantastically healthy, low-fat snack – a great alternative to crisps. Sprinkle with whatever spices you fancy – celery salt or a mild chilli powder would both work well.

Baked kale crisps with smoky paprika salt

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